The Triptych!

Panel One

screenshot of page
Panel one reflection: Well this looks 100% better than the last page I created. I got familiar with the grinding system in this project. I went through many different versions of this first panel. It had a mixture at first of both the col-6 ans col-4 grids, but aesthetically I thought it looked better to keep the columns the same through the page. So it would feel like an opening and closing when you scrolled down. I love the grinding system. In the last project I was so consumed with trying to move the picture around. I was never able to figure it out, so it is so nice to be able to know how to now. I will say that now inserting photos into an html document has become super easy for me! The collapsible paragraphs I thought were really neat additions. I used a jumbotron to bring more attention to the middle header and photos. I added a lot of buttons for information about the subject. I would say I got a lot better at trying to style things with learning about the inspect element on Chrome. That made it so much easier to name things or figure out what the names of certain items were! Overall, I really tried to make this page much more aesthetic than the last page I built. I tried to make the colors cooler to go better with the text and photos. I added colors and google fonts to the buttons (which took a lot of trial and error to figure it out lol). I tried to make all the fonts pleasing to the eye as well as easy to read, and try to pick ones that meshed together well. Of course there are still some things I'd like to work on and learn in the future. I still struggle to change some place on the page no matter how many iterations or names I plugged into the style sheet. I really want to become more comfortable with that so I have complete control over design.

Panel Two

screenshot of page
Panel two reflection: This panel was honestly really cool to go through. I like being able to go through all the different themes and try to find one that fit my content the best. The theme I ended up choosing was the grayscale theme of Start Bootstrap. It had almost 500 good reviews and was updated. I really liked this theme as I thought it was a good fit with its setup for my portfolio like website. I removed a few sections that were irrelevant to my site. I also doubled up the containers in order to show more photos and content. I had some difficulty getting the masthead photo to connect due to it being a JPG vs the jpg the original masthead was in. I’m very happy with how it turned out, especially when I can get that last feature to start working in the 3rd panel! In the future I can’t wait to play around more with these and to learn more components that make up these themes!

Panel Three

Panel three reflection: I loved this panel honestly. I loved being able to take a cool theme but making it my own with all the customization. I finally was able to fix the JPG image problem! I still faced some issues with certain areas I wanted to get a certain way. But overall, I really liked how it turned out. I tried to keep all the colors so that they were aesthetically pleasing. I added some white dotted borders to change up the look and space of the site. I added 2 Google fonts in to replace the old ones. Also changed the colors of the fonts so they were more readable. I added in a carousel at the bottom to give the site a more aesthetic way to view some more content that was on theme. I’m really proud of the fact I finally got down how to recode and write out multiple ids and classes together. That was something that truly didn’t make much sense to me till this panel. I also was finally able to connect that adding !important behind the code to recode the initial css sheet. I did finally get how to put multiple id’s and classes tohter, but I really want to become super comfortable with doing them, so that it's not me trying something 100 times and hitting save 100 times to finally see a result. Also the same goes for understanding the Inspector gadget. I do understand it better than when I first opened it, but I could still become way more familiar with it.