The Perfect Appetizer

Cheese Dip

Queso with cilantro

Image credit to Dan Michael Inadjan

Have you ever wondered what the best appetizer is? Well I'm here to tell you it is queso, or cheese dip as some call it. I'll be explaing what makes the perfect queso. To have it be perfect you'll need:

You may ask, "why would there be a page about cheese dip?" The answer is simple, cheese dip is absolutely the best appetizer out there. Yes, this is very biased, but who wouldn't order a cheese dip for the table? Probably only those who are lactose intolerant... (but low key they want it). In all realiness, I hope you enjoy this little cheesy reading I have made for you! Hopefully, you will suddently now have a craving for some good dip and a marg after all this!