Hope Kelley

·My New Media Certificate Summary·

My new media certificate journey has been truly inspiring. I came to UGA a sophomore transfer still really unsure what I wanted to do in life. I settled on advertising, but was still confused with what exactly I wanted to do. My friend suggested I do the New Media certificate as I had space to fill, and she had just completed her own New Media journey and was super happy doing so. So in the Spring of 2020 I started my New Media journey with Brown bag. I started the semester in a large auditorium listening to past alum and professionals speak, to ending it listening to those same people from a zoom call, covid style. Although interrupted by the uprooted year of 2020 Brown Bag started up my imagination of the many things I could do. Hearing all the different professionals speak and give bits of insights to all of us who sat there with different majors. I learned how to connect with people in person and over LinkedIn. I learned that you should “try to code one thing, just one” that it helps in an atmosphere to at least know where a coding team can go. And how to leave and “give up” on corporate life and start something that drives you with passion. The next step in my certificate journey was supposed to be Intro to New Media. However, with some luck I was able to squeeze in New Media Production. Sure I learned the basic definitions of new media and basics of coding from these two classes, but I gained so much more knowledge than that. Intro taught me to change the way I think about things, to deconstruct and then redo the process and think about the future of not only technologies but what I can do in my own career. Production taught me the backbone of how websites run, which I will admit was totally lost on me at first. The internet seemed as if magic to me; and HTML and Bootstrap my fairy godmother. I mean look what I was able to create!! (hint: you’re looking at it :) ). Additionally in my journey I had some electives to take, thankfully with being an ad major my classes, Media Planning and Advertising Communication Management, count as electives. But additionally, I took New Media design as an elective overall to graduate. Design really helped me grow my creative portfolio and expand my knowledge of user experiences and designs. Finally, to wrap up my journey I use all the skills I have acquired and put it towards helping a real life client, The Georgia Grasslands Initiative. Here I ended this wonderful certificate journey stretching every skill I had in order to make sure everything my team and I did for our client was perfect. Ending this journey here, I have really grown from all this. I really have learned more in the year I started this certificate then I have in the three previous years of my advertising background. It has challenged me to think in so many different ways. The technologies aspects, user profile/ experience, design, coding, so many different ways. I am overall so much more rounded of a thinker because of the New Media Certificate!

Regular Portfolio

NMIX 4220

My journey through Brown Bag

Brown Bag truly gave me the look into every profession it could. Megan truly taught us a lot herself about credit and healthcare to carefully selecting professionals that would inspire us. The skills I’ve acquire from this are being able to understand my credit score, know the difference in healthcare, know how to communicate with a professional, how to grow my network, how to change career paths late in the game, and the list goes on and on. Right off the bat the skill I used first and still do is knowing about my credit. Thanks to Megan teaching us how to adult (which I really appreciated, because its difficult to learn on your own) I know have Kredit Karma installed on my phone and check it every month, and know “TO NEVER CANCEL A CREDIT CARD, EVER!”. Honestly, this was the best information to learn for me, because if I didn't know how to function with regular “adult things” then how am I ever supposed to make it in the professional world. Additionally, I have gotten much more comfortable reaching out to people on LinkedIn as one professional who came and talked to us explained how to do so properly. I've grown my network since then 20 people from just reaching out alone. This has helped me to getting many opportunities, although cancelled by a pandemic :(. For this class I don't necessarily have projects to show off, however, My increase in linkedin followers and my passion to try new stuff in the working world shall shine as my relics from this class. Again I know I mentioned this twice already but the adulting sections of this course were so unimaginably helpful and took so much stress off me because I now have pages of notes on credit score and how to keep that infor safe as well as pages of notes about the different health care options a employer may provide you with.Although not the main subject out of this class it tied in with the professionals advice from this class helped me to feel calmer about my future and feel like I have a shot and not as much will be a shock.

NMIX 4110

New media production allowed me to gain the skills of how to set up a domain and hosting, how to code basic HTML site, how to code a Bootstrap themed and coded website, How to build different sites on wordpress, the basics of Javascript and lastly the mastery of WordPress. I came into this class have no idea how to code. I had taken an Information and computer technology course before at my previous college but that does not compare at all to the knowledge I gained in this course. I am not almost fully comfortable coding an HTML/Bootstrap website and creating WordPress sites. The skill I am using and plan to use in the future is, well you’re looking at it. I plan to continue to use my skills of HTML and WordPress to continually build out redesign and update my portfolios for clients and employers. This has truly helped me so much. Before my portfolio sat on a Wix site, where it was customizable but not in a way that could truly help my work shine. But now it does! My best projects from this course would have to be the bootstrap Triptych and the JavaScript Arcade. Honestly this class has really inspired me! I came in thinking this might be where my new media journey stops because I am bad at wrapping my head around very complex things. I’m still not the greatest at this and I still have a lot to learn but it has really inspired me to be able to create small things on my own and I know that I fully was able to create them!

·Project One·

For this project we were asked to take the basic HTML Knowledge we had acquired from Free Code Camp and to construct a 3-page hand-crafted website. My website was three pages about Queso. I made this threw Visual Studio Code Editor. In this I used my knowledge of using a separate CSS stylesheet to apply the same style to all three pages in color, text, borders, sizes, ect. Additionally I used my basic knowledge to link all three pages by using the element of list with links tags in them to allow each page to be linked together. It may look a little unpleasing to the eye, but it was my first run at all this :).

·Project two·

The Bootstrap Triptych was basically building three different versions of the same site. The first was building out the site in HTML and bootstrap and customizing the site in a separate css stylesheet. The second site or “panel” was taking all the infor and photos and putting it into a Bootstrap theme and not touching the CSS stylesheet at all. The third and final site was taking the second site and completing customizing it through the CSS stylesheet through the use of Google fonts, Colors, style of different elements on the page, the direction or orientation of different things, and for me on this one changing the CSS meant I could correct a problem I was having with an image in the second panel! I did this entire website over photography!

·Project Three·

This project was to make 2 different types of WordPress Sites. We had to make a commerce Website and a News website. For each site we had to pick a wordpress theme that would reflect the style of site we were making. Additionally we had to style these websites in the additionally customization tab of WordPress and manipulate the CSS on there. I choose to do a “good feeling new” site and a resale clothing shop. For these sites we had to build out home pages and then fill out pages to add for either clothing or news stories. On top of that we had the choice to find useful widgets for our sites. I ended up using a widget to collect contact information for each site's viewers. I found the stories for the news site on the Today’s site, and took the items for my Poshmark and copied them over for the commerce site. Go give good news a read, there are some really cute stories in there!

·Project Four·

Project four was going through and completing 3 JavaScript30 challenges. On top of doing the three tutorials, we had to fully customize the sites, in fonts, color, pictures and other forms of CSS styling to make it our own. I chose to do the drumset tutorial, the flexbox tutorial, and the mouse move tutorial. The idea of this challenge was to reinforce the basics of the Free Code Camp we had been doing in class and to sort of get a basic understanding of Javascript. As it is rather complicated to understand at first following a tutorial was the best way to learn more about it. I was challenged on this project as Javascript really is very complicated for me to understand, but It was so worth it being able to get responsive and movable objects on your screen that you mostly coded!

·Final Project·

The final project I chose to do was a mastery of WordPress and a sort of redesign of an existing website. The point of this was to go beyond 15-20% the effort and ideas we had touched over in our other projects. I took a Real estate sites content and formatted it over to a wordpress site chalked full of many different helpful components for promotion and efficiency. With this WordPress site I create a child theme from a plugin called Child Theme configurator. This time instead of changing my CSS through the additional customization I was able to update the CSS through the child theme’s stylesheet. On top of that I learned how to code or rather read and cut out the PHP code that tells a view that the site “is powered by WordPress”. I then added many plugins to help with accessibility of the site for a realtor and their clients. It was really full being able to go fine plugins that would be helpful to the client!

NMIX 4510 Capstone

Georgia Grasslands Initiative

Capstone was an amazing course to me. I was able to retain true skills by working with an actual client! In every class before this it has been made-up clients, or if it was real it wasn't content that the client would ever use. In capstone we built out stuff for our client that they truly needed and would use immediately. My amazing client was the Georgia Grasslands Initiative lead through the UGA State Botanical Garden. This was a new initiative that needed to build out not just their brand awareness, but have a space in which they could freely educate the people of Georgia about the dying grasslands of Georgia. I worked with an amazing team of three others to help build GGI their very own WordPress Website along with branding guidelines, among other things. I was able to gain valuable skills with working with a group fully over zoom. I was able to learn how to effectively communicate with my team and client about deadlines, deliverables, and responsibilities throughout the semester. I was also able to grasp better skills on how to effectively present deliverables, which is super helpful going into the advertising field, where that is a skill you will use everyday. For this team I was the creative lead which allowed me to use but also stretch my creative skills. This and all the skills mentioned above will be a true asset going into the professional world, that is now ever evolving with the change Covid-19 had in the workplace. Below I will share what I worked on and are most proud of!

Exploratory Research

Starting off this project we had to try to get a sense of where we were. This involved talking with the clients and brainstorming our process going forward with this initiative. Next was research. In order to fully understand how to properly set up this initiative for success; we had to fully research the technologies to use, the “competition” or other green initiatives like our client, and any other relevant information to help us. So we began our exploratory research.

UX Map & Design

After researching, we went on to designing the website. We wanted to make this site as seamless as possible, so I constructed a UX map based on the user research my team gathered.

Visual Design Guide

Since this initiative was new we had to set out and build them their own brand. For this I built out their entire branding guidelines. I started out with the colors. From there I built out the logos. This took many, many re-designs along with a lot of feedback from the client. I had to incorporate a plant in a simple way, but also not accidentally create a plant that resembles an invasive species.

visual design guide Screenshot PDF Link

The Georgia Grasslands Initiative's Website

And of course I can’t forget the best part, the website! Please go look at the interactive maps on the front page, they are one of my creations on the site! And please get involved or subscribe to this amazing initiative! Save our grasslands, only have 25 years before it's too late!!

visual design guide Screenshot

ADPR 3210 Media Planning

Media planning is an amazing course. You learn the basics for placing ads and the different purpose each ad space serves. You then get to construct your own campaign in a group project!

Project Screenshot Media Plan Book PDF Link

For this project my team and I were asked to build out a media plan for the brand Altoids. The campaign parameters were to be a 12-month campaign beginning January 1st, 2021 and end December 1, 2021. Our hypothetical budget was $30 million (including $7 million in digital) for national communication and marketing expenses. Additionally, $3 million extra to be allocated to local activation within three markets that demonstrate high potential.

We used Media Flight Plan (an online media planning simulator), Simmons, and an Excel spreadsheet with tons of data concerning consumer attitudes with Altoids.

We started off this project in January 2020, before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and had to make many changes within the planning to reflect the needs of our client in the uncertain times that may precede in the future.

ADPR 5710

This course goes through and teaches you the five stages of strategic planning. Additionally, it allows you to gain experience through case studies about different companies to see what communication strategy you would use in order to solve an issue. I also was able to gain insight into my personal ethics with this course as it allowed me to not only see and learn about the 7 advertising rules of ethics but allow me to establish my own. Using the step of strategic planning and the various themes learned through case studies we were asked to choose a brand with a team that was failing or in a decline stage of its existence. Or simply put, just not working. Me and my team choose Peloton for their recent ads, and describe in detail their issues throughout their old and new campaigns and where they are missing the mark. Additionally, my team and I built out a new strategic plan with some insights for Peloton going into their newer campaigns.

Peloton Logo Peloton Analysis Book PDF Link

NMIX 4111 - New Media Design

This course taught me how to start from the ground up on design. It forced me to think creatively on the spot with the first assignment being assigned to a client and having to build out work for them. This course has really allowed me to become more comfortable drawing up designs, and being comfortable to get feedback. I got to learn about Adobe XD, which I didn’t know what it was until then. But thankfully I was able to learn, because not but a week later I was using this tool in my NMIX Capstone class. Funnily enough, I then used the skills I gained from creating my student-client a logo; to design a logo and brand kit for my Capstone client the Georgia Grasslands Initiative. Although I used those skills in capstone I know that they will continue to be used throughout my advertising life. Design is in everything.

Project 1

My first project dealt with a student client. Here we needed to design a brand kit and website for our client. My client needed a site for her artwork. For this I first created out the color palette and logo. I used Adobe color and Illustrator to craft out these two. After getting feedback I went to construct the web and mobile versions of the site, using Adobe’s XD program. Then within XD I constructed out the branding guide. Overall, I’m really proud of the logo. It looks so much better than my thumbnail sketches.

Project One

Project Two

The next project was our post card. Here we used our foundations of photography to take a great photo using the four pillars. Next we used photoshop to edit the image in a retro theme. Then finished the postcard using Adobe Spark and using the typographic elements we had learned.

Project Two

Final Project

The final project was exciting! Me and my group brainstormed a fitness video platform called VidFid. This program had an outline fitness video streaming web platform with an additional reward’s application. We put together a branding guide, promotionational elements, prototypes of the website and application. I personally worked on the prototype of the website and mobile version of it as well. I also worked on a pamphlet as a promotional element. In this I really learned how to collaborate with a group to get a solid direction for design in order for everything to be cohesive!

Final Project Drive

Web and Mobile Prototype