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You made it! Welcome to my portfolio!

I'm a senior (4.5, got an extra half lap :)) Advertising major at the University of Georgia. I have a minor in communication, and certificate in new media. I'm a photographer, and I love creating shots that mimic film! I dabble in a lot of things and have a ton of random, but yet useful skills. Explore, have fun, add me on LinkedIn!

Photography Portfolio



Talking Dog Agency

  • Collaborated with different client groups
  • Utilized Lightroom, Slack, Zoom
  • Successfully met deadlines

September 2020 - Present


Paw Print Agency

  • Collaborated with creative groups and their clients
  • Created and produced photographs for clients

August 2019 - March 2020

Online Reseller / Entrepreneur


  • Top-rated seller with a 5-star rating out of 43 ratings
  • Promoted, sourced, and marketed apparel and accessory items via social media
  • Created product listings containing dimensions, attributes, and photographs to maximize profitability

January 2018 - Present

social media coordinator

Aperture photography club at UGA

  • Facilitated social media content to increase engagement
  • Fostered ideas for daily postings and promotional media/content

July 2019 - October 2019


University of Georgia

Bachelor of Arts
Advertising Major - Communications Minor - Earning New Media Certificate

GPA: 3.76

Fall 2021

Kennesaw State University

Core Curriculum
2017 - 2018


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Photography: Canon Products
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ad Search

New Media Portfolio Link

new media logo

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  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ad Search
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Class Projects

  • Advertising Communication Management

    For this project we were asked to write a strategic planning paper. Using the steps of strategic planning and the various themes learned through case studies we were asked to choose a brand that was failing or in a decline stage of it's existence. Or simply put, just not working. Me and my team choose Peloton for their recent ads, and describe in detail their issues throughout their old and new campaigns and where they are missing the mark. Additionally, my team and I built out a new strategic plan with some insights for Peloton going into their newer campaigns.

  • Media Strategy and Activation Campaign

    For this project my team and I were asked to build out a media plan for the brand Altoids. The campaign parameters were to be a 12-month campaign beginning January 1st, 2021 and end December 1, 2021. Our hypothetical budget was $30 million (including $7 million in digital) for national communication and marketing expenses. Additionally, $3 million extra to be allocated to local activation within three markets that demonstrate high potential.

    We used Media Flight Plan (an online media planning simulator), Simmons, and an Excel spreadsheet with tons of data concerning consumer attitudes with Altoids.

    We started off this project in January 2020, before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and had to make many changes within the planning to reflect the needs of our client in the uncertain times that may precede in the future.

  • Brand Storytelling

    I built out this fun slide deck, so enjoy! For this project we were tasked with selecting a local client in Athens, Georgia and creating a complete transmedia storytelling campaign for that client. This project included the plan book itself as well as a client pitch. The plan book would include a situational analysis, the marketing and communication direction, and tactics and executions of these.

  • Insights and Analytics

    For this project me and my team were challenged to think about a particular idea in social media advertising and research that area. Our particular idea was over junk food advertising on social media. We started this project by first researching already existing studies and to build off our study using some of the principles and question formats used by the researchers. Additionally, we created our own research questions using the best practices to avoid biases or confusion within our survey. We used quartics as our survey hosting and collected a sample to analyze.

    For analysis, we use Excel Spreadsheets. Here we used best practices and refined our data to get the truest results and get rid of any half-answered questionnaires. We constructed pivot tables and graphs to help further analyze our data.

    And lastly, we drew up our conclusion according to the data in the document above!

Writing Sample

Evaluative critical analysis of Lorraine Hansberry's “The Black Revolution and The White Backlash"

Lorraine Hansberry PDF Link to Paper

This essay evaluates Lorraine Hansberry's speech “The Black Revolution and The White Backlash" at a forum. It evaluates it through the use of critical analysis. I hope you read it and come to know this brave civil rights fighter as I have this year. If you dont recognize her name, you might recognize her play "The Raisin in the Sun".